Special Services

Special Services

If you think you have something that needs special white glove attention, give us a call. We ship even the most precious items.
Maybe it's not so precious but a challenging transport, give us a call for that as well. We've probably already done it once! Event relocation of Mobile Cell Phone Towers for Sprint, Drive-aways, Concrete Pumper Trucks, Farm Equipment, Box Truck deliveries, trailer bumper pulls, golf carts, and much more!

We've done it already!

  • Event relocation of Mobile Cell Phone Towers for Sprint
  • Driveaway Pumper Trucks
  • Farm Equipment
  • Box Truck deliveries
  • Trailer bumper pulls
  • Golf carts
  • Recreational Vehicles
  • Marine Craft
  • Racing Vehicles
  • Small Aircraft
  • Call me.  Let’s chat about your needs!

Popular Questions

Do you have a contract?

No I have never seen the benefit or had the need for a contract. I do what I say and keep the customer’s rights first and foremost in mind. My reputation is everything especially in today’s review driven internet economy. If you’re not happy I’m not happy and will work together with you for a satisfactory resolution if a problem arises. You want someone level headed and experienced with your interests top of mind when an issue arises with your automobile. My business/customer service experience has taught me to tackle issues head on as soon as possible. Someone once said when the phone is heaviest that is when you must pick it up and face the advers carity doing what’s right for you customer who has trusted you. I’m operate in a fully transparent way. I’m more than willing to share my carrier contract with you and their cargo insurance coverage limits.

What other services are you compatible with?

Please call me and let’s discuss your needs.

Are you hiring?

Give me a call and let’s chat!