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“We’re a full-service auto transport broker utilizing only the best well-maintained equipment. We offer open and enclosed carriers with experienced, quality, conscientious drivers. We’re courteous, professional and always accessible by phone, email, or text. Excellent communication is our passion and to make your shipping experience the best it can be.”


Nate Allen
Founder – CEO

Our goal is to make your auto transport affordable, convenient, safe and trouble-free.


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Our Services

We Transport Everyday, Luxury, Classic, Muscle, Hotrod, Ratrod, Motorcycles, ATV's and Boats.

High-End Enclosed

Caring drivers with attention to detail who use seat covers, soft-ties and keep the interior clean.

Worldwide Services

We service all 50 States including Hawaii and Alaska, Canada, including international locations


What happens if the car is damaged?

The driver does a thorough vehicle inspection at both pickup and delivery on a triplicate form called the Bill of Lading/Condition Report. Any damage to a vehicle at delivery that wasn’t noted at pick up covered by the Carrier’s insurance. With the newer trailer designs and our careful, experienced drivers, damage rarely happens. All vehicles are fully insured and if something does happen, the driver typically will alert us prior to delivery. We and the carrier decide whether to pay for it in-house or submit to insurance. Either way, you can rest assured you’ll be taken care of at no cost to you.

How is payment made?

For retail customers, a credit card deposit is due when a carrier is assigned. Deposit is usually 20%. The balance is due in cash or certified check to the driver at either pickup or delivery, whichever works best for you. You’ll receive an emailed receipt for the deposit clearly showing the details. The driver will also provide a receipt for the balance, usually on the Bill of Lading. Some customers can deduct the entire transport cost on their taxes under moving expenses.

How is the transport cost determined?

Rates fluctuate with the seasons and for different lanes of travel mostly due to volume. Rates also fluctuate based on the size and weight of your vehicle. We subscribe to real-time transport history data which allows us to see current costs for each trip. Plus, we’ve developed a nationwide network of preferred carriers which allows us to select the fastest transit times available. We negotiate on your behalf with our pool of drivers to save you money, yet insure your vehicle is moved promptly and within your time-frame. Due to the volume of vehicles TOTALCAREtrans.com ships, we can often package your vehicle with others traveling the same route to reduce your cost. Finally, we get wholesale pricing within our network, due to our trusted relationships with our carrier partners.

Why should I use a broker rather than attempt to ship carrier direct?

You may think you can save some money going directly to a carrier. You may save a little, but you’re limited to one carriers available trucks and routes. And you may end up waiting too long, missing your pick-up date and paying more in the end. As your Broker, we’re your advocate for the best service and pricing. We prefer to use a select group of smaller independent operators who own their own trucks and trailers. They are diligent about maintenance and customer service. They have their reputations at stake and treat customers with a service-oriented approach in line with the TOTALCAREtrans.com way. We act as the interface between you and the carriers making sure everything goes smoothly. The carriers rely on us fill up their trucks and will treat you with care. We believe we have access to the best, high-quality carriers and systems in the industry. You’ll be matched with the right schedule and pricing for your auto transport needs.

I’m buying a car at an auction or on-line website. Why wouldn’t I simply use they’re suggested transport service?

Quick transport times and careful, personal service is our specialty. With TOTALCAREtrans.com you get the best quality one-on-one service. We personally handle every aspect of your transport with excellent communication from start to finish. We can also dictate a preferred position for your vehicle on an open trailer. A convertible for instance may require a different preferred position than a hard top. You’ll never get lost in the shuffle of a large bundle of vehicles. Auctions and dealers sell cars, we’re experts at transporting them.

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Nancy Z.
Nancy Z.
10 January 2024
I was very nervous about buying a truck unseen and shipping it from the mainland to Hawaii. I really needed to trust the people involved in the whole process, and I was really lucky to have found Elwood. He was very knowledgeable of the whole process and more importantly, very patient as our plans evolved. We needed our truck delivered to the port in a very short window or we would have to wait an extended period of time until the next ship left for Hawaii. Our window became shorter when the car dealership messed up the paperwork. Elwood was flexible and understanding with us and found a way to get our truck picked up and to the port just in time. He operated like a friend or family member trying to help out, and even showed us ways we could save money along the way. Thank you for all over your help.
Tony Q.
Tony Q.
21 October 2023
Jimmy was fast in responding, good communication, selected a good trucking company with good driver and truck, delivered within promised period. Highly recommend.
Walter A.
Walter A.
19 October 2023
TOTALCAREtrans just dropped off my latest vehicle. Just as in the past three deliveries, number four was outstanding in every way. Jimmy did a great job in arranging shipment at a fair price. Once the dealership received my payment for the vehicle, I called Jimmy to arrange pickup and delivery. Just like that, the car was picked up the same day and delivered the next. Prescott, AZ to Los Altos, CA. Driver, Robert, was great at keeping me informed with updates on his progress. As I am a serial car buyer, I know I will be using only TOTALCAREtrans in the future.
Amy F.
Amy F.
24 August 2023
We have dealt with a lot of car carriers in our time, but with Totalcaretrans was the FIRST time we were told the truth and Jimmy kept in touch with us the entire trip starting with the pick up and until our truck was brought home to us! It was the easiest transition ever. And let me just say, the truck was delivered one day early! You can't ask for anything better than dealing with Jim and his honesty, integrity and all around good guy! We;ve found our car cArrier and will never look anywhere else! Thank you Jim! You made us feel that there are honest people once again! Call Jim. i promise, you won't be sorry!
Jay S.
Jay S.
8 August 2023
Total Care Transportation is first class all the way. We've probably done seven or eight cars with them and I've never had one iota of issues. In fact, I've never had to handle anything extra other than a couple emails with where they're picking up the car at and they take it from there. The car appears shortly there after to the west coast at our location from the east coast. Both Jimmy and Nate are amazing and magicians for all I can say! Highly recommend!!
Alvin K.
Alvin K.
1 July 2023
Jimmy is The Man. What a phenominal job he did getting my pick up and delivery scheduled and completed. Even though the delivery was over 3,000 miles, my car was picked up and delivered in 5 days! Who does that? Total Care does, thats who. Thanks to Fahad as well. Great driver, super nice guy amd took great care if our new car. Thanks to the entire team, everything you guys do is greatly appreciated. Many thanks....alvin
Jeff S.
Jeff S.
30 June 2023
I used TTC twice in the last six months. First was to ship an inoperative 64 TBird from Chattanooga to Kansas City. Jimmy worked with the carrier even when the seller of the Bird wasn't available and the car was not ready as promised. He found a new carrier and delivered the car without issue. Most recently I had a 2004 Nissan 350z shipped from Norco California to Kansas City. It went without a hitch and arrive a day early. It is always good to work with Jimmy knowing that you can trust him and that he will get the job done.
Mary T.
Mary T.
19 June 2023
I had my car transported to St. Paul, MN from Overland Park, KS. My car arrived the next day after placing my order. I was given a quote and did not pay more than that. My car was transported quickly, and professionally but most importantly I was able to contact Jimmy, and the transport driver throughout my experience. It is difficult to find companies with integrity in this industry but I was pleasantly surprised with my experience here! Thank you, again!
Stan S.
Stan S.
13 June 2023
The quality of auto transport service I received from Jimmy was exceptional! He was recommend by my realtor and when I called, Jimmy answered the phone personally rather than some "representative" in another country. Jimmy briefly explained how the transport would be arranged and gave me a competitive estimate regarding cost and pick up and delivery times. The actual cost was a little less than his estimate. My Toyota Highlander was picked up on time and delivered a day earlier than estimated, in perfect condition. I appreciated Jimmy's honesty, integrity and personal involvement in making arrangements for my car transport across three States. I am so grateful!