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I’m a full-service auto transport broker utilizing only the best well-maintained equipment including open and enclosed carriers and quality drivers. I’m courteous and professional and am always accessible via phone, email, or text and it’s important to me that everyone is on the same page.


Nate Allen

We pride ourselves on making transport simple and affordable. We offer safe, time saving and convenient transportation services in your area. Request a quote.

Our Services

We Transport Everyday, Luxury, Classic, Muscle, Hotrod, Ratrod, Motorcycles, ATV's and Boats.

High-End Enclosed

Caring drivers with attention to detail who use seat covers, soft-ties and keep the interior clean.

Worldwide Services

We service all 50 States including Hawaii and Alaska, Canada, including international locations


What happens if the car is damaged?

The driver does a thorough inspection at both pickup and delivery on a triplicate form called the Bill of Lading/Condition Report. The driver and pickup contact sign the form and the pickup contact retains copy as well as at delivery. With the newer trailer designs and the careful, experienced drivers we use damage hardly ever happens. Perhaps 5-7 times per year out of 1000+ units transported. The vehicles are fully insured and if something does happen the driver typically knows and will alert me prior to delivery. The carrier and I decide if it will be handled in-house or submitted to insurance depending on cost. Either way I make sure the customer is made whole.

How is payment made?

For retail customers at the time we schedule the transport a credit card deposit is due usually 20% and the balance is due in cash to the driver at either pickup or delivery whichever works best for the customer. I’ll email the customer a receipt clearly showing the two amounts. The driver will also provide a receipt for cash usually on the BOL. Some customers can deduct the entire transport cost on their taxes under moving expenses.

How is the transport cost determined?

Costs fluctuate with the seasons and for different lanes of travel mostly due to volume. I pay for real-time lane history data which allows me to see these current costs for each trip. Plus I’ve developed a nationwide network of preferred carriers which allows me to select the fastest transit time available and negotiate effectively with my team of drivers to save customers money yet insure their vehicle is moved promptly and within their time-frame. Due to the volume of vehicles TOTALCAREtrans.com consistently moves I often can package your vehicle with others travelling along that lane which also reduces your cost. Finally I get wholesale pricing within my network due to my track record and commitment to high quality business each and every day.

Why should I use a broker rather than attempt to ship carrier direct?

A lot of times a customer assumes they’re going carrier direct however the carrier won’t have one of their own trucks available soon enough or nothing else going that way so they broker to another carrier. I prefer to use smaller independent operators who own their own truck and trailer and are diligent about maintenance. They have skin in the game and treat customers with a service oriented approach in line with the TOTALCARE way but they don’t have the time to interface with the public so they rely on companies as ours to fill up their trucks. From my perspective I have access to all the good high-quality carriers and have developed ways to know where everyone is and how your car will fit best in the schedule. I can pick which carrier will handle the job the best for each situation.

When buying at an auction or online auction site why wouldn't I simply use who they suggest to bring me my new acquisition?

Time for delivery and a higher level of personal care. With me you get one on one service and I personally handle every aspect of the transport from start to finish. I also can dictate which position your vehicle is on the trailer. A convertible for instance has a different preferred position than a hard top. You will never get lost in the shuffle. Auctions and dealers sell cars. I transport them.

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