Auto Shipping for Retail Customers

Auto Shipping Services for Retail Customers

Often I have another vehicle or multiple going the same way so that I can package your car with them and pass on bulk pricing and more importantly I garner priority placement, treatment, and customer service from the driver for you due to my longevity in the business operating in a professional manner with large volume. I treat carriers right and they pay it forward to my customers because of our long term relationship. I utilize a long cultivated network of independent operators who own their own truck and trailer and have skin in the game. These men and women have are business owners like myself who take pride in maintaining their equipment which limits delays due to mechanical failures along the way. Rest assured that my cost quote has been researched and is the right amount to get your vehicle moved safely and as expeditiously as the terrain allows. A lot of the online brokers operate large telemarketing type outfits where inexperienced salesmen answer your call or race to the phone and call you in response to an online quote form. This environment breeds overzealousness in pricing and these people will bend rules or lowball costs to get your credit card deposit. The problem is that often they go too low in the quote and no carrier will do the job for that paltry sum. What happens is a delay and run around. Once they’ve exhausted your patience and you finally corner them with an ultimatum: pick up my car or issue me a refund they’ll simply say the market has gone up and to pay the driver more money. This is a typical bait and switch and not the respectful way you wish to be treated. I may not be the lowest price but you’ll get what you pay for with these discount brokers. I price my units to be picked up by the next available carrier along that route. They receive a fair sum for their work and are in turn respectful and thankful for your business. I only select the tested professional carriers to handle my customers. I refuse to use discount carriers with shoddy track records and insufficient insurance. It’s just not worth the savings. After six years in the business I know who not to use in all areas of the country.