Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

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What happens if the car is damaged?

The driver does a thorough inspection at both pickup and delivery on a triplicate form called the Bill of Lading/Condition Report. The driver and pickup contact person sign the form and the pickup contact person retains a copy as well as the delivery contact person. With the newer trailer designs and our careful, experienced drivers, damage rarely happens. All vehicles are fully insured and if something does happen, the driver typically will alert us prior to delivery. We and the carrier decide if it will be handled in-house or submitted to insurance depending on the cost. Either way, you can rest assured you’ll be taken care of with no cost to you.

How is payment made?

For retail customers, a credit card deposit is due at the time of scheduling. Deposit is usually 20% and the balance is due in cash or certified check to the driver at either pickup or delivery, whichever works best for you. You’ll receive an emailed receipt clearly showing the details. The driver will also provide a receipt for payment, usually on the Bill of Lading. Some customers can deduct the entire transport cost on their taxes under moving expenses.

How is the transport cost determined?

Rates fluctuate with the seasons and for different lanes of travel mostly due to volume. Rates also fluctuate based on the size and weight of your vehicle. We pay for real-time transport history data which allows us to see current costs for each trip. Plus, we’ve developed a nationwide network of preferred carriers which allows us to select the fastest transit times available. We can also negotiate effectively with our pool of drivers to save you money, yet insure your vehicle is moved promptly and within your time-frame. Due to the volume of vehicles TOTALCAREtrans.com ships, we can often package your vehicle with others travelling the same route to reduce your cost. Finally, we get wholesale pricing within our network due to our trusted relationships with our carrier partners.

Why should I use a broker rather than attempt to ship carrier direct?

Often a person may think they can save some money going directly to a carrier. You may save a little, but you’re limited to their available trucks and routes. You may end up waiting too long, missing your pick-up date, won’t receive good service and may pay more in the end. We prefer to use a select group of smaller independent operators who own their own trucks and trailers and are diligent about maintenance and customer service. They have their reputations at stake and treat customers with a service-oriented approach in line with the TOTALCAREtrans.com way. We act as the interface between you and the carriers making sure everything goes smoothly. The carriers rely on us fill up their trucks and treat us and you with care. We believe we have access to the best, high-quality carriers and we have systems in place to match you with the right schedule and pricing for your auto transport needs.

I’m buying a car at an auction or on-line website. Why wouldn’t I simply use they’re suggested transport service?

Quick transport times and careful, personal service is our specialty. With TOTALCAREtrans.com you get one on one service and we personally handle every aspect of your transport with excellent communication from start to finish. We can also dictate preferred positions for your vehicle on a trailer. A convertible for instance requires a different preferred position than a hard top. You’ll never get lost in the shuffle of a large bundle of vehicles. Auctions and dealers sell cars, we only transport them.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers.