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The vehicle delivery is the final opportunity to successfully close the sale. Yet the dealer outsources this step when the purchaser resides out of state. If you’re sold cars arrive in a disatisfactory manner it can blow your customer service index score and jeopardize your ratings. I sold cars for 10 years prior to this business endeavor. I have a lot of respect for car dealers. They offer a person the tools and opportunity to succeed based on merit alone. I found that if you are teachable, dedicated and work hard you will succeed eventually. It’s a great career for a second start and it doesn’t matter where you’re from or if you have a college degree. I gained sole custody of my daughter when she was two and decided to find something I could do that would allow me the flexibility to be her full-time parent. I jumped right in calling my landlord and gaining permission to pay rent bi-weekly for a time so that I could spend all I had at the time on my Federal Brokers Bond and Motor Carrier Authority. Car people have respect for a good cold call thus I was successful in gaining a strong dealer list. Car dealers work long hours to accomodate the general public so I’ve always stayed available while they need me for quotes. I have multiple client relationships that are so smooth a simple email or text with the zip codes and vehicle info generates a quick quote response so that you can close your deal knowing the dealer trade/customer delivery cost. From there I demonstrate a professional personal demeanor for your client as an extension of your store’s values. Always accessible for updates and fully responsible if a delay or damage occurs. This way I act as a shield for your reputation acknowledging to your customer that the car is my responsibility once driver loads and not a reflection of you. Plus if you prefer the customer and I will stay in touch throughout the delivery freeing you up to focus on your next customer and not hand-holding your sold client. Furthermore if you wish I can interact with your prospect regarding shipping cost/process during the negotiating process making you look good which pushes the deal to the next step. Do your prospect and sale good service and get me involved. I’ve cleaned up many messes for folks uneducated in vehicle shipping who are left on their own to navigate the maze of shipping. The dealers I work with expect speed with dealer trade service. Often they have month-end cutoffs and are counting on the unit for the sales number. There are ways to expedite the inbound unit or have them cross in the middle. I’m proactive in getting this authorized from the reciprocal dealer and once they hear the game plan from me they’ll release the outbound on assurance of their delivery time-frame.

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