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Purchasing a vehicle sight unseen can be a leap of faith and a lot of customers don’t have access to a trusted shipper for the delivery. Having the vehicle arrive safely is the critical last step that often gets overlooked. Some dealers include shipping in the transaction which may seem like a value-added service, but it may just be adding money to their pocket. You’ll have more control of the level of quality and care if you use a professional transport broker like Car dealers know how to sell cars; we know how to ship them.

You’ll receive fast, upbeat and professional. We welcome all customer feedback to continually strive to improve our service. We have discovered a few simple things they want:

Personal Service

We understand the importance of each customer’s individual needs. From the first communication and pick up to final delivery we are available to respond to your concerns. Just pick up the phone and we’ll be there to help.


No excuses, only transparency. We are personally responsible for your satisfaction and for this reason my clients return to me for their shipping needs.


Your satisfaction is our highest priority. The personalized service you’ll receive separates us from our competition.